Monday June 15:

  1. Fascinating introductory talk on weird stuff & psychogeography
  2. Preliminary “drift” on OWU campus
  • drawn to birds, trees (textures), puddles
  • repelled by rotting popcorn smell
  • repelled by roads, parking lots, trees/woods begin to look like horror movie set
  • drawn to mysterious path under RR overpass / repelled by traffic on highway
  • drawn to bright colors of stadium field; fence makes desirable
  • repelled by wet grass, thought of playing sports
  • drawn to gas access pipe covers, “pomegranate on a stick,” short cut grass, signs
  • repelled by/drawn to noise of chainsaw
  • drawn to colors of Phillips Hall, stairs
  • repelled by grass (know to keep off grass)
  • drawn by paths (know to stay on paths)
  • drawn to face on tree bark
  • drawn by curves of Slocum (“curve appeal”), banana pudding color of Eliot

Tuesday June 16:

  • goal: an “old campus” psychogeography map by end of week
  • continue “drift” around rest of campus (random or based on wall shadow)
  • prepare to compile map of “drawn to” “repelled from” a la Paris map
  • locations that resonate with multiple attractions / repellants
  • annotate with

Wednesday June 17:

Tuesday recap: two drifts (texture + gustatory, smell + sound) & data

Today: probably rainy

  • a few more fascinating lecture bits from your instructor
  • work on map: size (for OWjL publication?) + content + form of map
  • plan for one more set of drifts: two groups switch topics, or… what other weird could we map?

Thursday June 18:

Wednesday recap: general goofing around, some very interesting information imparted by instructor, followed by more general goofing around, and a short maunder around campus, centered on the ever-popular hulk hand.

Today: Krygier got his act together and managed to get a draft of the map done.  Comments on the general layout, etc.  Map still needs much of the already-collected data and data that will be collected today added.  Krygier will do that Thursday eve.

  • review map draft: comments and ideas
  • blinded smell sound drift group goes out
  • need more textures?
  • need any other data?

Friday June 19:

Thursday recap: some goofing around but mostly final data collection and twizzlers and starburst and peeps.

Today: review of map for final revisions & print final copy.  Post to blog.


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