What if instead of boring roads and rivers maps showed us the smells, sounds, tastes, and feelings we experience?

Mix psychology with geography and maps and you have PsychoGeography: the art and science of using our bodies to collect (and map) all sorts of interesting and important stuff about the world, things that don’t normally get mapped.

In this class you will work in small groups to collect and map smells, textures, sounds, tastes, and emotions in random walks through the environment – in rain or sun.  You will come to appreciate your ability to notice all sorts of things about the world around you that you may not normally pay attention to, and you will make maps of this weird stuff to share with your friends, family, and the world.

Part of the OWjL Summer Program.


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  1. the crab man says:

    Dear Weirdly Stuffing Mappers,

    Just in case this is of interest I am emailing to let you know that ‘Mythogeography’ (the book) is just emerging from the printers. All the details are here –


    And there’s a website too, which pushes it all a little bit further and that’s here – http://www.mythogeography.com

    The book takes the form of a documentary-fictional collection of the internal documents, diary fragments, letters, emails, narratives, notebooks and handbooks of a loose coalition of artists, performers, ‘alternative’ walkers and pedestrian geographers. All Illustrated in full colour by Tony Weaver, who designed the Wrights & Sites’ Mis-Guide books.

    The fragmentary and slippery format recognises the disparate, loosely interwoven and rapidly evolving uses of walking today: as performance, as exploration, as urban resistance, as activism, as an ambulatory practice of geography, as meditation, as post-tourism, as dissident mapping, as subversion of and rejoicing in the everyday. ‘Mythogeography’ celebrates that interweaving, its contradictions and complementarities, and is an attempt at a handbook for those who want to be part of it.

    I hope you enjoy it and find it of some use.

    Best wishes,

    Phil Smith

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