Mapping Touch & Touchscapes

June 14, 2009

“Touch, also called tactition, mechanoreception or somatic sensation, is the sense of pressure perception, generally in the skin. There are a variety of nerve endings that respond to variations in pressure (e.g., firm, brushing, and sustained). (source)

Feeling Maps: Braille Maps

  • Texture of map represents (mostly) visible stuff in the environment



Feeling Places: Maps of Haptic Sensations

  • Texture of map represents texture / feeling of stuff in the environment


Non-geographic collage of textures/rubbings (source)

  • Denis Wood: “We rubbed everything I could put paper and a rubbing crayon on, concrete pavement, brick walks and walls, tree bark. We rubbed the sidewalk graffiti too, and of course all manhole covers, water meter covers and the like.”
  • can’t find an actual mapped example!